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The use of these proven, teacher-friendly tools will unquestionably engage learners while enhancing the quality of classroom assessment practices.

Jay McTighe

Co-author of the Understanding by Design Series

This book is packed with powerful, easy-to-use tools. Anyone who wants to improve teaching—teacher, coach, administrator, anyone—will find it incredibly useful.

Jim Knight

Author of The Impact Cycle and Better Conversations

This amazing, extensive, and well-researched collection of instructional tools should be in every teacher’s professional library.

Arthur L. Costa, EdD

Professor Emeritus, California State University

Why Tools?

Our award-winning line of Tools books is founded on a recognition that too often goes unstated: teaching is hard work. That’s why we’ve spent over thirty-five years working with educators to turn the best educational research into practical techniques that are easy to implement in the classroom. We call these techniques tools because they’re designed to make the hard work of teaching easier and more effective.


The Highest Increase in Graduation in NYS
(East Syracuse Minoa Central School District – New York)

When Robert Marzano and his team at McREL published Classroom Instruction That Works, they encouraged a generation of educators to focus instruction around nine categories of teaching strategies proven to raise student achievement. In 2012, McREL researchers updated the landmark text, using new research and providing new recommendations to ensure that these nine categories remain “best bets” for raising student achievement:

  • Setting objectives and providing feedback
  • Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
  • Cooperative learning
  • Cues, questions, and advance organizers
  • Nonlinguistic representations
  • Summarizing and note taking
  • Assigning homework and providing practice
  • Identifying similarities and differences
  • Generating and testing hypotheses

The challenge for teachers has always been how to build these achievement-boosting strategies into their everyday instruction. This book provides over fifty classroom-ready tools that make it easy to implement the strategies across grade levels and content areas. By incorporating these tools into your daily practice, you can turn your classroom into a place where high levels of engagement and deep learning happen every day.



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